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Miss Grand United States of America 2018

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Miss Grand International (MGI) has now become the world’s leading international beauty pageant. Under the corporation and sponsorship from governments and organizations that will make a stand for the betterment of humanity.

As can be seen presently, wars exist on many layers, from full scale confrontations between nations, to violence in the home. All of these wars must be eliminated if we are collectively to achieve true happiness. In an age where we are capable of reaching out to touch the stars, but we have forgotten to reach out and touch the lives around us, it is time for us to look inwards and use our combined ingenuity to make the world a better place fo all humanity.

An end to war is an ideal objective of freedom, peace, and harmony within all of us; namely, country, religion, race, community and family because life is simply better when it is at peace. Our ideal objective is an end to all forms of violence and hostility. For the sake of our children and the generations to follow, it is our duty domestically and internationally to rid the world of conflict and focus our efforts on improving the quality of life for all humanity.

Miss Grand United States of America is a National Preliminary Pageant to Miss Grand International Pageant

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