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Miss Arizona 2016

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Miss Arizona 2016 Contestants

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Katelyn Niemiec

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Miss Arizona 2016 is Katelyn Niemiec!

Being comfortable and looking fabulous are two things that a pageant titleholder should definitely be at all times. These two things are especially true at rehearsals for your pageant because you might be there for hours and you never know who might stop by to take photos or watch rehearsals. Miss Arizona 2016 just happened and the local titleholders showed up with some fabulous outfits! All of them could definitely be worn to rehearsal, but we're going to take a look at just five of them and see just how awesome they are!

5 Miss Arizona 2016 Contestant Outfits to Wear to Your Rehearsal

1. Miss North Phoenix 2016

Maddie Rose Holler, Miss North Phoenix 2016 Maddie Rose Holler, Miss North Phoenix 2016 - Photo: Miss Arizona Organization Facebook

Maddie Rose Holler looked fun and chic in this floral two-piece outfit for check-in at Miss Arizona 2016. The patterned tea-length skirt paired with a solid shirt is growing in popularity, and it's no wonder because it looks fabulous! Choosing to go with sandal heels was a great idea because it keeps it summery and fun, whereas chunky heels would have weighed down this light and youthful outfit. What makes this outfit wonderful for a rehearsal is how much movement it allows you to make in it. The skirt also allows Maddie Rose to see what it might feel like to walk in whatever on-stage outfits she might be wearing. 2. Miss Chandler 2016

Alex Taylor, Miss Chandler 2016,Miss Arizona Organization Alex Taylor, Miss Chandler 2016 - Photo: Miss Arizona Organization Facebook

Alex Taylor looked trendy and summery in this pastel lace romper! This light pink color really pops against her skin and shows off her beautiful summer tan. I love the texture that the floral lace brings to the romper because it looks very unique and detailed. What makes this outfit rehearsal ready isn't just that it looks super easy to move in, but also that the sturdy ankle booties are easy to walk in. When you're not wearing your actual competition shoes, you want something that will be stable and chic just like these shoes that Alex has! Great outfit choice! 3. Miss Scottsdale 2016

Kaelyn Buffard, Miss Scottsdale 2016, Miss Arizona Organization Kaelyn Buffard, Miss Scottsdale 2016 - Photo: Miss Arizona Organization Facebook

Kaelyn Buffard shines bright in this cobalt blue shift dress. What I love about this outfit is the mix of shades of blue in the statement necklace that she chose to wear. Statement necklaces are great jewelry pieces to add if you want people looking directly at your beautiful face because they bring all the attention upwards. What makes Kaelyn's outfit especially great for rehearsal is how comfortable and loose it is. While you're doing a lot of movement with walking patterns and opening numbers you want something that is easy to move around in and comfortable, which she definitely has down! 4. Miss Peoria 2016

Jordyn Owen, Miss Peoria 2016,Miss Arizona Organization Jordyn Owen, Miss Peoria 2016 - Photo: Miss Arizona Organization Facebook

Patterns are in this summer season and Jordyn Owen wears this one beautifully in her maxi dress. What I love most about this pattern is that it is almost completely the same from top to bottom, which keeps you looking at all of her. The halter neckline is great because it makes Jordyn look super tall as well as mature and sophisticated. What makes it great for rehearsal is that not only is it super comfortable, but that you could also get the feel for how it will wearing a long skirt on stage like you will in the evening gown competition! 5. Miss Mesa 2016

Elizabeth Riley, Miss Mesa 2016, Miss Arizona Organization Elizabeth Riley, Miss Mesa 2016 - Photo: Miss Arizona Organization Facebook

Jumpsuits are one of my favorite trends, and Elizabeth Riley looked absolutely stunning in hers for check-in at Miss Arizona 2016. The all-black look makes her red hair stand out and be the main focal point along with her beautiful face! I love the cut outs on the top because they add a bit of style to an otherwise plain jumpsuit. This outfit is great for rehearsals because you could wear it with flats or sandals when you feet get tired and still look fabulous! These five beautiful ladies definitely showed us how to mix casual and cute with their outfits from Miss Arizona 2016! If you are still looking for your perfect piece or pieces to add to your pageant wardrobe, check out the Pageant Planet store for some great items. Want more rehearsal ideas? (Read: 5 Rehearsal Outfits that Would Work in Any System) Good luck ladies! Save Save

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