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Miss All-Star United States 2020

Date of Event: - 1 Aug 2020
1 Contestant
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Miss All-Star United States 2020 Contestants

Pageant Information

The Miss All-Star United States National Pageant is a strongly patriotic group that provides a top quality pageant production whereby providing an outlet for the women of America to continue and advance their community service activities. The Miss All-Star United States Pageant believes in the empowerment and advancement of women across our great nation. It is vital in today’s society for young women to get involved and stay active in their communities, state and across the nation. It is imperative that the young women who do not wear the state or national crown realize there is still much more to achieve. Even more importantly, the lady who does wear the crown must understand that it does not and will not end with the crown. She must use the crown to help promote her platform and charities along with the national platform. As a matter of fact, it is more important for her to stand strong and have a powerful support system to achieve all of the goals of the state and national pageants along with her own goals. We believe in providing empowerment and advancement of women while promoting community involvement and a healthy lifestyle.

If you are looking for a pageant that has a strong support system to help you advance your platform and charities along with getting you involved in events like New York Fashion Week, national organizations, and red carpet events - the Miss All-Star United States National Pageant Organization is the one for you. We promote all of our titles : Miss Teen All-Star United States, Miss All-Star United States and Mrs All-Star United States. Our goal is to help you succeed. Tammy Johns- Brown, president, honestly wants to help others achieve their goals and dreams from walking the run-way to meeting with the national Autism Speaks or Skin Cancer Foundation office. Tammy Johns has a strong team. The national crown is what you make it - so go for it all - become a true All-Star of the United States.

How to compete in Miss All-Star United States Pageants?

Are you allowed to be married?

Both. We allow both married and non-married contestants.

Are you allowed to have kids?

Both. We allow both contestants with and without children to compete.

What are the phases of competition?

Swimsuit/Fitness, Interview, Beauty

Age range

14 - 75 years

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