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British Empire Pageants

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Miss British Empire
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Event Location: 1st Floor 30 The Strand
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Pageant Information

Mini/Master/Junior/Teen/Miss/Mr/Ms/Mrs & Classic Miss British Empire is an International pageant for contestants with origins from countries, states or territories previously governed or administered by the United Kingdom and its predecessor states.

An international pageant that celebrates the legacy of the former British Empire, which included North America, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Australia, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

The British Empire organisation promotes unity and communication between diverse groups of people across the world and encourages goodwill and understanding of the world's cultures. The pageant pays tribute to the shared history of all former British Empire territories and celebrates their subsequent independence and achievements.

Historically the former British Empire is widely believed to have played a crucial role in constructing railways and worldwide transport links - In the modern world, with administration offices in Los Angeles, England, Hong Kong and Australia - British Empire pageants serves to provide networking links and opportunities for those wishing to pursue a career in the competitive world of showbusiness and entertainment. In years gone by British culture across the former British Empire laid the basis for the International popularity of sports such as football, in a similar way we seek to celebrate the growing worldwide phenomena of pageants.

Founded in 2011 by former Miss Great Britain and Hollywood actress 'Liz Fuller' in order to pass on the opportunities she has successfully carved out for herself, many of our winners have gone on to have successful careers as editorial and catwalk models, reality TV stars, and actors with roles in Doctor Who, music videos and feature length films.

The Mr division was introduced in 2013 and later in 2015 the upper and lower age divisions were added to offer Mini, Junior, Teen, Ms, Mrs & Classic contestants a new platform to showcase their talents.

Now successfully in its 7th year, the British Empire team under the new management of Prestigious Pageant Productions will be inviting applicants and scanning talent databases and social media profiles on a full scale model and talent search. Finalist will be chosen via, scouts, photo heats and live heats across the UK and Australia. At large applications are invited from any other territory. The best of the best take to the stage at the Internationals Finals each August.

The 2017 British Empire competition divisions are:-

Mini (4-9)
Junior (10-14)
Teen (15-17)
Miss (18-27)
MS (28-44)
MRS (28-44)
Classic (45+)
Mr (18+)
Master (4-17)

Judging criteria:-

At the International finals, 10 places in the top 15 will be decided as follows:-

10% Event preparation (Scored by your national director out of 10)
45% Swimwear or fashion catwalk (Scored by a live panel of judges, your average score out of 45)
45% Beauty or evening wear catwalk (Scored by a live panel of judges, your average score out of 45)

An additional 5 places in the top 15 will be awarded to the following side award winners:-

Talent / Presentation winner (Judged by a live panel of judges)
Photogenic winner (Judged by our official photographer)
Publicity winner (Judged by the event organiser from your scrapbook / portfolio)
Peoples choice winner (Judged by live audience votes)
Wild card winner (Chosen by the event organiser)

So the 10 contestants scoring the highest in the on-stage catwalks and competition preparation will join 5 side award winners to make up a top 15. Once the top 15 has been announced all scores will be wiped.

The top 15 will then be re-judged as follows

50% Evening wear parade
50% On stage question, why should the judges pick you as winner?

Eligible Countries/States /Territories:-

Akrotiri & Dhekelia
The Bahamas
British Antarctic
British Virgin Islands
Caicos Islands
Caymen Islands
Falkland Islands
The Gambia
Hong Kong
New Zealand
North America
(New Hampshire)
(Rhode Island)
(New York)
(New Jesrsey)
(North Carolina)
(South Carolina)
Northern Ireland
Pitcairn Island
Saint Helena
Saint Lucia
Saint Kitts
Saint Vincent
Solomon Islands
South Africa
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates

How to compete in Miss British Empire?

Are you allowed to be married?

Both. We allow both married and non-married contestants.

Are you allowed to have kids?

Both. We allow both contestants with and without children to compete.

What are the phases of competition?

Evening Gown, Swimsuit/Fitness, Talent, Fun Fashion, Photogenic, Personal Introduction

Age range

Not Specified

State where the pageant is held?

Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Argyll, Armagh, Bedfordshire, Belfast, Berkshire, Birmingham, Brechin, Bridgnorth, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Channel Islands, Cheshire, Cleveland, Co Fermanagh, Conwy, Cornwall, Coventry, Craven Arms, Cumbria, Denbighshire, Derby, Derbyshire, Devon, Dial Code Dungannon, Didcot, Dorset, Dunbartonshire, Durham, East Dunbartonshire, East Lothian, East Midlands, East Sussex, East Yorkshire, England, Essex, Fermanagh, Fife, Flintshire, Fulham, Gainsborough, Glocestershire, Gwent, Hampshire, Hants, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Ireland, Isle Of Man, Isle of Wight, Kenford, Kent, Kilmarnock, Lanarkshire, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Llanymynech, London, Ludlow, Manchester, Mayfair, Merseyside, Mid Glamorgan, Middlesex, Mildenhall, Monmouthshire, Newton Stewart, Norfolk, North Humberside, North Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Northants, Northern Ireland, Northumberland, Nottinghamshire, Oxford, Powys, Roos-shire, SUSSEX, Sark, Scotland, Scottish Borders, Shropshire, Somerset, South Glamorgan, South Wales, South Yorkshire, Southwell, Staffordshire, Strabane, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Twickenham, Tyne and Wear, Tyrone, Utah, Wales, Warwickshire, West Lothian, West Midlands, West Sussex, West Yorkshire, Whissendine, Wiltshire, Wokingham, Worcestershire, Wrexham, Wurttemberg, Yorkshire

Rating & Comments

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02, May 2017
Event Organization
Production Quality
Overall Experience

This pageant changed my life.. i had a dream back in 2015 that i wanted to get into the show business/modelling industry and get into reality tv, with no experience at all i took part in mr british empire and won the title of mr scotland in 2015 and again in 2016... i have gained valuable knowledge of the industry, made connections who have helped me beyond belief and of course made friends for life... i have went on to be in feature films, took part in paid modelling shoots and I've been in a huge reality tv show with more lined up... all this wouldn't have happened without taking part in mr british empire! It changed my life so take part and it will change yours...

Tim   Fox
02, May 2017
Event Organization
Production Quality
Overall Experience

As the appointed official Photographer for Miss British Empire I see a slightly different side of the event to others. Having done hundreds of events over the last twelve years which include several other pageants I feel well qualified to pass comment on this. What I notice consistently with Miss British Empire is the comaraderie amongst all involved and how helpful and friendly every one is to each other. This is far from the norm as I have seen from other pageants. The over competitiveness and spiteful attitudes so common in many of these are unseen (at least by me) with this one. If this is your first attempt at pageants you could not have made a better choice! Going into 2017 under the leadership of the talented Jolieanna Davis I have no doubt this pageant will go from strength to strength!

02, May 2017
Event Organization
Production Quality
Overall Experience

My name is Chris J Edwards and I had the distinct honour of being crowned Mr British Empire 2015-2016. The Miss British Empire pageant came at a time when the self doubt of my youth was creeping back into my life due to some unfortunate circumstances I faced in the months leading up to the pageant. The pageant offered me an opportunity to halt the descent into any negativity and helped to galvanise my spirit in ready for the challenge ahead. At the pageant I met so many like minded and great people that are friends with me even until this day and it was through the brotherhood formed at the pageant if even only for one day that helped me not only succeed at the show but also push on to pastures anew. Currently I have pushed to become what I always wanted to be as a child and that is an actor and I believe being a part of British Empire helped set me on the path to my dream career. I loved the pageant so much I even returned to host and hand over my crown to another contestant and I am confident this pageant has helped him in his endeavors also. Thank you British Empire family for all the support.

02, May 2017
Event Organization
Production Quality
Overall Experience

Last year I competed in the teen category of Miss British Empire and I won! I absolutely loved this pageant because of how different it is to the others! Winning this has allowed me new opportunities in modelling- which other pageants do not hold to such an extent this one does! The director has always made me feel at ease and I have developed a good relationship with the British Empire team! I recommend everyone to sign up to this luxurious red carpet event pageant and give it a go!! Love Miss Teen British Empire 2016/2017

02, May 2017
Event Organization
Production Quality
Overall Experience

My daughter won the Miss teen category last year. It allowed her to network and make good friends but it has also helped to build her confidence.

02, May 2017
Event Organization
Production Quality
Overall Experience

Mrs British Empire was a fantastic experience for me and opened many new doors for me also my son went on to win Little Mr British Empire! Would highly recommend .Run by genuine and experienced people in the business. ENTER IT!***** :)

02, May 2017
Event Organization
Production Quality
Overall Experience

I won Miss British Empire in 2013 and it was the best experience of my life! It opened so many doors for me, I met so many incredible people. I traveled to Greece to compete in Miss Tourism Planet for Two weeks and Traveled to LA to stay with Director Liz Fuller for a week of fun, sightseeing, tv presenting opportunity and shopping! :) I would recommend this pageant to anyone and everyone! It is fair, honest and reliable! Which says a lot! The girls are well looked after and you will not regret entering ! Jolianna has now taken over and I can't think of anyone as true to helping others and with a huge open heart as Liz ?? Jolianna will be an amazing pageant director and I will return watch and judge this pageant every year as it grows!

02, May 2017
Event Organization
Production Quality
Overall Experience

I am from Australia, I travelled to Miss British Empire International Final in 2015 It was 2 weeks before my 30th birthday. I competed in the Miss category and was the Runner Up. I found the entire family of MBE to be helpful, friendly and professional. I hope to return in 2017 to compete for the title of Ms British Empire International as it is my dream to be recognised internationally to inspire others and show inner beauty and friendship to all, as the Queens have shown me.

02, May 2017
Event Organization
Production Quality
Overall Experience

Last year was the 1st time i had ever competed in a pagent and i loved every second of it. Everyone is so helpfull it is like joining an ever growing family and i cannot wait to compete again this year

02, May 2017
Event Organization
Production Quality
Overall Experience

Miss British Empire is one of the best pageants. My son competed last year, the pageant was ran well, the organisers are lovely. The pageant has helped my son with his modelling and acting career.