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6th Annual Miss Smoky Mountain Southern Belle Pageant 2019

Date of Event: 20 Sep 2019 - 22 Sep 2019
Event Location: Dollywood Parks Boulevard, Pigeon Forge, TN, USA
69 Contestants
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6th Annual Miss Smoky Mountain Southern Belle Pageant 2019 Contestants

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Natural Elegance is home system of the Miss Smoky Mountain Southern Belle pageant hosted on park at Dollywood in TN, the Elvis Tribute pageant, Miss Beauty in the Barn at Jaemor Farm Barn and multiple others throughout the year. Our focus is unique events with emphasis on each contestant.

We want everyone who comes to have an amazing experience and to gain lifelong friends and pageant family. No contestant leaves empty handed at any event!

Throughout the year, we make sure to host several fun "outisde of pageants" events for the girls to just hang out and fellowship. We believe that pageants can either be detrimental or amazingly positive for each child. We have a true pageant family with a center focus on our young ladies, not just winning a crown or title.

I want to thank you for taking to the time to visit our pageant!

1. All makeup and attire MUST be age appropriate. No mid-drifts, no full glitz wear, No two piece bathing suits, no heavy makeup and formal wear must be pageant gowns or church wear. (No full glitz gowns.) Natural Elegance is a pageant system promoting the natural beauty of our future.
2. You must be fully dressed and ready to go for early line-up before pageant starts. If not, the pageant will proceed without you and no refund will be made. This is to assure we stay on schedule as close as possible and fairness for the other participants who are ready to go.
3. NO REFUNDS unless it is a change on the DIRECTOR'S behalf, such as a cancellation of pageant. If your entry has been paid and a slot has been taken, it is not the fault of the Director if circumstances change on your part. No exceptions under any circumstances.NO REFUNDS. If you choose to not enter a pageant that has already been paid for prior to 2 weeks before "DEADLINE", you forfeit $35 of your paid entry and the remainder can be transferred to a future pageant.
4. Bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated by participants, family members or friends. You will be automatically disqualified, asked to leave and banned from any other Natural Elegance event(s).
5. All participants must register before said date.
6. Portfolio must be 5 + pictures placed in a portfolio book or album. These should be professionally taken photographs of the contestant. Prints smaller than 5 x 7 or larger than 8.5 x 11 will not be judged. Images can be black and white, color or a mixture of both. A charge of $3.00 will be added to each additional photo to be judged.
7. Photogenic must be a natural portrait, can be color or black and white. You must include the name and age on back of the photo. Only 8x10 will be judged.
8. All Judges results are final, without question.
9. Judges may be approached, if they agree, at the END of the pageant. They are to be treated with the upmost respect no matter what your opinion is.
11. Girls:
Ages 0 - 4 short dress
Ages 5 - 7 short or long dress
Ages 8- 19 long dress

Suit or Tux

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