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1st Annual Queen of the Sea

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Queen of the Sea
Date of Event: -
Event Location: 2099 Bayou Plaquemine Road, Rayne, LA, United States
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1st Annual Queen of the Sea Contestants

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1st Annual Queen of the Sea will be held in Jennings, Louisiana on July 10 2016. Contestants do not have to reside in Louisiana to compete. . Contact me Callie Hoffpauir for an entry form or more information and with questions or concerns. This is a non-contracted pageant great for beginners or any level. No Requirements

Age Groups:
Registration from 9-9:30AM
Competition begins at 9:45AM
0-6 months BABY MISS
7-12 months PRECIOUS MISS
18-23 months TINY MISS
5-6 yrs. PETITE MISS
7-8 yrs. DAINTY MISS
Registration from 12:30-1 PM
Competition Begins at 1:15 PM
9-10 yrs. YOUNG MISS
10-12 yrs. DEB MISS
13-14 yrs. JUNIOR MISS
15-16 yrs. TEEN MISS
17-21 yrs. MISS
21 & UP MS/MRS

Granny and Boy groups will be added upon Request

Everyone pays $5 dollar entry fee except contestants. 5 and under enters free. 50 and over may enter for $3. Visiting queens enter free with Crown and Banner. If a visiting queen does not have at least her banner then she must pay. Concessions will be sold. Judges will receive free concessions. There will be a panel of three qualified judges, not from this area. Modeling will be basic ‘T’ formation with one X in the back and three in the front.
Queens: Monogrammed Banner, Custom Crown, Banner Pin
Princess: Tiara, Sash
Duchess: Sash, Medal
Marquess: Sash
Photogenic: Nice Picture Frame, Sash
Best Wish Queens: Crown
People’s Choice: Crown, Gift
Stunning Smile, Fabulous Fashion, Perfect Hair, Dazzling Eyes: Sash
Visiting Queens: Pin

Entry Fee: $50 for Baby thru Junior
$60 Teen thru Miss
$40 for MS/MRS

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04, May 2016
Event Organization
Production Quality
Overall Experience

Have done a pageant with Callie before and she is just great!