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Modern American Miss Mississippi

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  • Jackson, MS, USA
Welcome to the Modern American Miss Mississippi Pageant page!

The Modern American Miss Pageant is a new system created by Dominique Dickerson in 2017. The mission of this organization was to be a "disruptive system in the pageantry industry. The founder had the innovative vision to focus on the holistic experience a system can bring to those involved in every aspect of pageantry, both on stage and off. MAM serves to provide charismatic and well-rounded young girls and women with a platform to grow in character and confidence and a personalized, diverse and competitive experience tailored to honing in on their individual, unique strengths. Respect for the long-honored traditions of the industry complemented by an ever-evolving, always timely fusion of modern American cultural trends sets MAM apart as the new, premiere system on the state and national levels of pageantry." (MAM, 2018)

As the home of southern belles and beautiful gowns, we welcome the Modern American Miss Pageant to the hospitality state! Please continue to follow this page for updates as we prepare for the 2nd Modern American Miss Mississippi Pageant 2020.

Modern American Miss Mississippi Rules


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