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Miss Texas Organization

  • Texas, USA
On August 16, Miss America 2018 Cara Mund released a letter detailing her mistreatment during her year of service. The Miss America Organization responded with a simple post on Instagram. Since then, several State Organizations responded with disappointment in the national leadership. On August 20, 11 State Organizations declared their intent to develop a solid plan for the transition to new leadership.

"Please see the below statement from the Miss Texas Board of Directors.



The above listed state organizations stand in support of Miss America 2018 Cara Mund. The letter Cara sent to her Sister Miss Americas, detailing unacceptable treatment, is something we will not tolerate. Cara is an exceptional young woman and an outspoken advocate for the empowerment of women. We commend and applaud her bravery, and she continues to stand tall as a role model for young women and men across America.
In recent months, our organizations chose to give time and room for the Miss America Board of Directors to carry out their vision for the Miss America Organization. While we disagreed with some of the changes, we believed that some adjustment was likely necessary to stabilize the Miss America Organization after the scandal in December 2017 and we sought to give the benefit of the doubt. We chose to actively work with our two representatives on the MAO Board of Directors—Ashley Byrd and Jessie Ward Bennet—to communicate our opinions about the changes that were being made, and we appreciate their efforts. However, there seems to be a disregard by others in national leadership about the festering unrest in our states and a lack of attention to turn the MAO culture from hostile and excluded to inclusive, productive and transparent. The lack of transparency and disorganization has been extremely disheartening.

Hear us loud and clear: we are not OK with this.

Initially, 22 organizations chose a different course with a Petition for a Vote of No Confidence and a public call for the immediate resignation of Gretchen Carlson and Regina Hopper on social media. Some have inferred that our decision thus far to not sign the petition is an endorsement of Gretchen and Regina. This is not the case. The state organizations that have been publicly silent have chosen to take this position for a variety of their own reasons, the most critical one for us being that further public scandal would be most detrimental to the future of the program just weeks away from the event and live telecast. We have not been silent in our communities. In fact, we have invested hours upon hours dialoging with our state titleholders, local directors, current local titleholders, other state leadership and our state board members, and listened intently to their opinions and concerns.

However, timing is everything and with our state titleholders traveling to the Miss America Competition in two weeks, we must thoughtfully consider the timing of such leadership changes at the national level. All state titleholders deserve some semblance of continuity. Right now, our attention turns to these young women, as they deserve to have their Miss America moment.

We want to unite with all states to brainstorm leadership change with direction and a plan for an orderly and legal change in leadership immediately following the Miss America competition. This is for the sake of preserving this year’s competition and to avoid upheaval as the titleholders prepare to depart for Atlantic City. Our plan is to meet with other state leaders while at Miss America in Atlantic City in order to outline a plan for transition, as the status quo is not acceptable. Careful thought must be given to leadership that will have the ability to move us forward in such a way that acknowledges and respects the complexities and variances of our local and state organizations across the nation. Effective leadership isn’t reactive; it's factual, realistic, proactive, and deliberate.

Our sincere goal is to be a responsible voice for our constituents who, like us, love this program and all that it stands for. We will continue to fight for a positive, productive solution.

*At publication time, Monday, August 20, 2018 at 10:30 AM EST"

Miss Texas is the official preliminary to the Miss America pageant. The winner of Miss Texas represents Texas at the Miss America pageant for a chance to win the title of Miss America.

Miss Texas has four phases of competition that include: private interview, on-stage question, talent and evening gown. In order to compete for Miss Texas, you must live in Texas, be between the ages of 17 - 25 and have won a preliminary title. Additionally, to qualify you must be a female who has never married and who does not have any children.

To see a full list of preliminary titles for the Miss Texas pageant use the filtering options on https://www.pageantplanet.com/directory/category/pageant

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