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Miss Queen Korea

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Miss Queen Korea crowns Korea's representatives fr Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss Supranational. Miss Queen Korea started in 2018, after buying the pageant, previously named, Miss World Korea and then Miss Universe Korea and Miss World Korea.
The winner of Miss Queen Korea goes to the Miss Universe pageant, the first runnerup to Miss World and Second Runner-up to Miss Supranational!

Forever Miss Queen Korea's/ Miss Universe Korea's:
Miss Queen Korea 2018- Baek Ji-hyun
Miss Queen Korea 2017- Cho Se-whee
Miss Queen Korea 2016- Jenny Kim

Forever Miss World Korea's:
Miss World Korea 2018- Baek Ji-hyun
Miss World Korea2017- Ha-eun Kim
Miss World Korea2016- Wang Hyun
Miss World Korea2015- Chyung Eun-ju
Miss World Korea2014- Song Hwa-young
Miss World Korea2013-Park Min-ji
Miss World Korea2012- Kim Sung-min
Miss World Korea2011- Do Kyung-min

Forever Miss Supranational Korea's:
Miss Supranational Korea 2018- Lee Eun-bi
Miss Supranational Korea 2017- Jenny Kim, Miss Supranational 2017

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Miss Universe Korea 2018

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