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Miss Polish America

  • 2020 Miss Polish America will be Virtual
The Miss Polish America Pageant Organization was founded on May 25th 2020 with the purpose of giving young Polish American females a platform to showcase not only their beauty but most importantly their culture, heritage and humanitarian platform as they pave their way for the next generation.
The Pageant Mission is to help young people to gain confidence and develop unparalleled life skills to lead them to success in life. We want to provide rewarding and uplifting experience to carry them through wherever life may take them. Our pageant is a scholarship program and it is very competitive as we are open to receive applications from every state. Our mission is to bring out leadership qualities, self awareness and empower women. We endorse good will ambassadors and community achievers. We intend to encourage the young ladies to not be followers but rather to be leaders they were destine to be not only in America but in Poland and through out the world. The winner becomes good will ambassador for Miss Polish America Pageant and a role model, a spokes person and the face of the organization for a whole year. The Miss Polish America agenda is to display not only beauty and elegance but to see purpose filled. Polish American women strive in society to be the leaders they were destined to be. The Miss Polish America was established to foster good will ambassadors, humanitarians and empower Polish women living in America.
The requirements are to be single, never married, without children and of Polish descent. Teen division is open for girls ages 13 to 17. Miss Division age 18 to 28.
Our Mrs. Polish America title is open to all married females of Polish descent age 31 and up, married for min. 12 months.
"Mister Polish America" candidates may apply at min. age 21 and up, single never married without children and with good moral character.
*Please note: Due to Covid-19 pandemic our pageant will be produced virtually with Television like broadcast on the final pageant day (TBD) using Facebook Fan Page.
All contestants will be asked to apply on line using Pageant Planet Platform to create their profile and to be included in the Peoples Choice voting. Your family and friends will be asked to vote for you and each vote is worth $1. The contestant with most votes will win the virtual pageant, the money, the crown and other sponsored prizes! Get exited, because you could be our MISS POLISH-AMERICA WINNER very soon! Remember you can not Win if you don't apply! Please send your current headshot and short bio with platform (something important to you) to: [email protected] to be considered. Zapraszamy!

Miss Polish America Rules

What are the phases of competition?

Evening Gown, Swimsuit/Fitness, Fun Fashion, Photogenic, Personal Introduction, Optional Volunteer Service Award

Age range

18 - 28 years

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