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Miss Netherland

Miss Netherland crowns one national titleholder to represent Netherland at Miss Universe!

Miss Netherland has four phases of competition that include: private interview, on-stage question, swimsuit and evening gown. In order to compete for Miss Netherland, you must live in Netherland and be between the ages of 18 - 28. Additionally, to qualify you must be a female who has never married and who do not have any children.

Miss Netherland 2019- Sharon Pieksma
Miss Netherland 2018- Rahima Ayla Dirkse
Miss Netherland 2017- Nicky Opheij
Miss Netherland 2016- Zoey Ivory
Miss Netherland 2015- Jessie Jazz Vuijk
Miss Netherland 2014- No Pageant Held
Miss Netherland 2013- Yasmin Verheijen
Miss Netherland 2012- Stephanie Tency
Miss Netherland 2011- Kelly Weekers
Miss Netherland 2010- Desirée van den Berg
Miss Netherland 2009- Avalon-Chanel Weyzig
Miss Netherland 2008- Charlotte Labee
Miss Netherland 2007- Melissa Sneekes
Miss Netherland 2006- Sheryl Lynn Baas
Miss Netherland 2005- Sharita Sopacua
Miss Netherland 2004- Lindsay Grace Pronk
Miss Netherland 2003- Tessa Brix
Miss Netherland 2002- Kim Kötter
Miss Netherland 2001- Reshma Roopram
Miss Netherland 2000- Chantal van Roessel
Miss Netherland 1999- No Pageant Held
Miss Netherland 1998- Jacqueline Rotteveel
Miss Netherland 1997- Sonja Silva
Miss Netherland 1996- Marja de Graaf
Miss Netherland 1995- Chantal van Woensel
Miss Netherland 1994- Irene van der Laar
Miss Netherland 1993- Angelique van Zalen
Miss Netherland 1992- Vivian Jansen
Miss Netherland 1991- Paulien Huizinga
Miss Netherland 1990- Gabriëlle Stap
Miss Netherland 1989- Stephanie Halenbeek, Liesbeth Caspers, shared reign
Miss Holland 1988- Angela Visser-Miss Universe 1989
Miss Holland 1987- Angelique Cremers
Miss Holland 1986- Janny Tervelde
Miss Holland 1985- Pasquale Somers
Miss Holland 1984- Nancy Neede
Miss Holland 1983- Nancy Lalleman-Heijnis
Miss Holland 1982- Brigitte Dierickx
Miss Holland 1981- Ingrid Schouten
Miss Holland 1980- Karin Gooyer
Miss Holland 1979- Eunice Bharatsing
Miss Holland 1978- Karin Gustafsson
Miss Holland 1977- Ineke Berends
Miss Holland 1976- Lucie Visser
Miss Holland 1975- Lynda Snippe
Miss Holland 1974- Nicoline Broeckx
Miss Holland 1973- Yildiz de Kat
Miss Holland 1972- Jenny ten Wolde
Miss Holland 1971- Laura Mulder-Smid
Miss Holland 1970- Maureen Renzen
Miss Holland 1969- Welmoed Hollenberg
Miss Holland 1968- Marjolein Abbing
Miss Holland 1967- Irene van Campenhout
Miss Holland 1966- Margo Domen
Miss Holland 1965- Anja Maria Schuit
Miss Holland 1964- Elly Koot-Miss Europe 1964
Miss Holland 1963- Godelieve Sassen
Miss Holland 1962- Catharina Lodders- Miss World 1962
Miss Holland 1961- Anne Marie Brink
Miss Holland Miss Holland 1960- Ans Schoon
Miss Holland 1959- Peggy Erwich
Miss Holland 1958- Luciënne Struve
Miss Holland 1957- Corine Rottschäfer- Miss World 1959
Miss Holland 1956- Rita Schmidt
Miss Holland 1955- Angelina Kalkhoven
Miss Holland 1954- Conny Harteveld
1953- No Pageant Held
Miss Holland 1952- Yvonne Meyer
Miss Holland 1951- Elisabeth van Proosdij
Miss Holland 1950- Hilda Lesman
Miss Holland 1949- No Pageant Held
Miss Holland 1948- Mary Jochemse
1938-1947- No Pageant Held
Miss Holland 1937- Elisa Schimpf
Miss Holland 1936- Mia Kramer
Miss Holland 1935- Stella Elte
Miss Holland 1934- Sonja Coers
Miss Holland 1933- No Pageant Held
Miss Holland 1932- Carolina Geels
Miss Holland 1931- Marie van Lelyveld
Miss Holland 1930- Elly Kuster
Miss Holland 1929- Johanna Koopman

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