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Sarah Martens Life Coach & Pageant Coach

Transformative Life Coach & Pageant coach - passionate about helping clients transform their lives and finding purpose while striving for the crown!
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  • Operating Hours: Closed (Sunday)
    Closed (Sunday) 10:00 am -09:00 pm (Monday) 10:00 am -09:00 pm (Tuesday) 10:00 am -09:00 pm (Wednesday) 10:00 am -09:00 pm (Thursday) 10:00 am -09:00 pm (Friday) 10:00 am -06:00 pm (Saturday)

Sarah Martens is a Certified Transformative Life Coach under her company NowBloom Inc. as well as a Pageant Coach. Sarah competed in her first pageant in Miss Universe Canada and was a Top 10 Finalist. She credits her immediate success to the intensive training sessions with well known pageant coaches such as Allyson Rowe, Alycia Darby, and Lu Sierra. As well as her walking coach, personal trainer, public speaking coach, and hair and make-up coach. Sarah is passionate about pageantry because she views it as, "one of the most valuable self-development projects to invest in". She helps her clients find their purpose in striving for the crown and with doing that most importantly they will discover their unique giftings, their "why", and ultimately launch into their destinies.

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