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Nosac Designs

  • Princeton, WV, USA

  • Operating Hours: 08:00 am -08:00 pm (Monday)
    08:00 am -08:00 pm (Sunday) 08:00 am -08:00 pm (Monday) 08:00 am -08:00 pm (Tuesday) 08:00 am -08:00 pm (Wednesday) 08:00 am -08:00 pm (Thursday) 08:00 am -08:00 pm (Friday) 08:00 am -08:00 pm (Saturday)

I have been creating sketches and designing clothing since the age of fourteen. It was first used as an escape from the reality of being in foster care. However, my journey did not start until 2005 when I began to explore it through the college (The art Institute of Charlotte) experiences of making something out of nothing...and then there were moments where I MADE something out of nothing. I began to explore and experience my passion in every possible way that I could, only coming to the conclusion that the art that I used as an escape in the past could evolve into a vessel with a much greater purpose in my future career. Once confirming my gift within myself, I began tapping into every type of attire that there is, from fluent wear to formal wear and EVERYTHING in between!



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