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The NMS Showcase is a national platform for aspiring talent to learn and grow. We have a vast background in photography, marketing, advertising, journalism, and public relations. NMS Pageants also has an amazing network of professionals that can help an
  • Michigan, United States

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NMS Pageant coaching & workshops are designed to help contestants win titles & become finalists in a variety of pageants. We have cultivated great relationships all over the country & judged many local, state & national pageants. NMS can provide exclusive insight regarding industry standards and improve performances.

Our services include group and one on one sessions. 

  • Personal Branding-Portfolio, Commercial, Social Profiles, Networking
  • Communication Fine-tuning-Oratory& delivery interview
  • Creating an exceptional biography 
  • Mastering Q&As
  • Learning how to answer final questions succinctly & effectively 
  • Physical Analysis-healthy physical & spiritual body.
  • Stage Presence-learn to perfect your overall stage performance from standing to walking 
  • Sponsorship-learn to establish solid relationships with sponsors that can help offset pageant costs
  • Networking-establish relationships that will increase your knowledge base & moral support.
  • Learn to keep timelines & meet benchmarks

and so much more!


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