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More Than the Crown

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Adam Fleck’s career has taken him all over the world where he has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of talented performers and teachers. His work in almost every medium of the entertainment industry allows him to provide his students with a well-rounded perspective.

His involvement in pageants began as a judge, and that opened his eyes to places where one can fall just short of gaining the marks needed to move on. He has also been an emcee at the state and international levels, and his more than 30 years on stage allows him a unique ability to tie together the components necessary to ready participants for any event.

Adam has coached all ages and experience levels throughout North America, and his success working with kids has made him a sought after teacher/coach in youth development programs as well.

His book More Than the Crown is based on a philosophy for winning in life as well as preparing you for your pageants. It is a workbook that offers a different approach than you may have encountered in your training up to now. It is designed to inspire you to think from different angles and enable you to coach yourself in those moments when you are on your own.

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