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Moore Image Consulting

The best investment you can make is in yourself!
  • Minneapolis, MN, USA

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It is time to live the life you have always DREAMED of living! When you invest in yourself you can change your perspective on life and become the person you are meant to be! Moore Image Consulting will help you define your identity and polish the person you are. Through guidance on your communication skills, wardrobe, hair, make-up, etiquette and fitness, a new and refreshing you will become a reality.

When you are confident, well put together and feel good about who you are, you will be ready for whatever the future holds. Maybe it's for a new job, a promotion at work, a new relationship, a pageant, or for whatever reason, Moore Image Consulting will help you achieve your personal goals.

When you feel your best your life will be more meaningful and rewarding. Today is the day to take the first steps toward a new you and a new outlook on how you feel about yourself.

Moore Image Consulting looks forward to the opportunity of working with you. Call for a consultation that could change your life forever.

I have been involved in the image consulting industry for over 17 years, first as an assistant director and lead instructor of a self-improvement and professional modeling school for men, women and children, and then as a pageant consultant. I have learned so much from these experiences, and been very fortunate in sharing life changing knowledge with many students and clients. Also, it has taught me so much about myself and it has motivated me to live a more productive life.

Growing up, I struggled with a learning disability that taught me perseverance and never to give up on my dreams. I graduated with honors, received my college degree, and was crowned Miss Minnesota USA in 2001. Through my work at Premiere School of Self-Improvement and Professional Modeling, the pageant industry, and the women I have coached, I realized my passion for helping people polish their self-image and feel the excitement and happiness that comes with investing in yourself.

I have two wonderful children, Michael and Lanie. They are the center of my universe. The lessons I have learned through my experiences have helped me teach them about themselves and what is really important in life.

I would not be the person I am today without the many people that crossed my path along the way. I have had teachers, professional coaches, and life mentors who contributed toward shaping my life and encouraged me to be the best I could be. I have taken those lessons both good and bad, and applied them to this life long dream of being an image consultant.

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