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Kella Price, Pageant Prep Coach

  • Fort Worth, TX, USA

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Dr. Kella B. Price is a Fitness, Nutrition, and Life Coach, Pageant Coach, Author, Speaker, and Consultant. Kella has more than 20 years of experience in human resources, training
and development. Her experience with interviewing, recruitment and selection will help you rock the interview portion of your pageant. Her years of leading in HR has given her the ability to help create a great judges’ biography form and help candidates showcase their best.
Previously in the Steel City Angels professional dance company and a screen actor, Kella knows how to create a winning stage presence. As a print and fitness model for more than 20 years, Kella is no stranger to the camera either. A current PUSH and freelance model, she has done advertising for international brands across the globe.Kella is also a sought-after social media influencer for women, fitness lovers, and athletes.
Kella has appeared as an expert in fitness and nutrition in the news and on television numerous times.
As an author, Kella has designed numerous virtual training and development tools. She
regularly posts via twitter: @kellaprice and authored Twitter for Trainers, QR Codes for Trainers, More than 111 Twitter Twips, and QR Codes Made EZ. She has been a contributing writer for T&D magazine's Learning Blueprint column, in which she has covered Google Plus and Pinterest for Learning, as well as being a contributing author for other publications. In 2019, Kella was an author for the Girl Behind the Fence Series books Depression and Fear. She will be published in the next book in the series, Grief.

As a speaker, Kella speaks on topics such as: workplace wellness, weight loss, healthy lifestyle and balance, and exercise. She has spoken at many events across the globe to audiences from small groups to several thousand. She knows the importance of communication skills and how to present your best self from the stage.
Kella is a fitness and nutrition coach, with two nutrition certifications, an NASM Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, and Speed and Conditioning Coach. Kella travels across the globe, teaching group fitness instructors and personal trainers as a Master Trainer for REVO?LUTION RUNNING and her workout programs: HIIT-30, Barre and Yoga SHREDDED, Bikini Body Camp, Fit Seniors, Athlete Strength, Fit Kids, and Aqua Fit. She previously was a Master Trainer for Beachbody LIVE and Barre Above before using her own expertise and education to create total body wellness programs.
Nationally-qualified competitor with the NPC and INBA, and competes in shows in Fitness and Bikini. In 2017, she was one of only 4 athletes in the state to receive the Triple Crown Award.
Kella was previously crowned as Mrs. Yuma for the Mrs. America Pageant and United States of America’s Mrs. Arizo

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