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K. Shane Boen

  • St. Augustine, FL

  • Operating Hours: 08:00 am -05:00 pm (Wednesday)
    08:00 am -05:00 pm (Sunday) 08:00 am -05:00 pm (Monday) 08:00 am -05:00 pm (Tuesday) 08:00 am -05:00 pm (Wednesday) 08:00 am -05:00 pm (Thursday) 08:00 am -05:00 pm (Friday) 08:00 am -05:00 pm (Saturday)

Mrs. Shane Boen is no stranger to the spotlight. With a 20+ year history in theater she has taken on roles both on stage and behind the scenes. She has held the titles of professional singer/actor, director, choreographer and producer. She has produced and directed an original musical off Broadway and is the author of a published children’s musical that was first produced in 2008. She has led the children’s drama ministry at her church as well as a full Fine Arts Academy in Longwood. With her national titles of Mrs. American Dream 2016 and Mrs. US Majesty she is a champion of childhood nutrition and nutrition education through Project10Kids and is an advocate for the fight against human trafficking as a spokesperson for SafeAmerica.org. There are currently several organizations Shane works with to help spread awareness including, HOPE, her local Special Victim’s Unit (St. Augustine PD) and other private organizations assisting women trying to leave the sex trade. With her husband, Michael, and son, Brandon, they are a family who volunteers throughout their city of St. Augustine, Florida while sharing a message of motivation and love through their national scholarship pageant, US Majesty.
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Shane’s judging credits include:
Glamourous Pageant Nationals 2016 Orlando, FL
Cinderella International Scholarship Pageant 2017 Dallas, TX
Pink Charity Pageant 2017 Orlando, FL
National American Miss (NAM) – North Florida 2018 Jacksonville, FL
National American Miss (NAM) – Central Florida 2018 Orlando, FL
USA Ambassador Nationals 2018 Innesbrook, FL

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