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Guinwa Zeineddine

  • Phoenix, AZ, United States

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Guinwa Zeineddine is an Arab American TV Host and Glam Expert!
She has been a guest contributor on numerous
shows such as ET: Entertainment Tonight Dubai, NBC, MBC
Alarabiya, The Doctors Show and many other media outlets.
Guinwa has a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences which allows her to understand the “science of beauty.” Her unique blend of culture, lifestyle and beauty makes her a stand out in the entertainment industry as someone who not only is a Glam expert but also, a compassionate and positive role model for women.

In 2014, Guinwa Zeineddine ascended to the top of the Arab pageant world as Miss Arab USA. Since then she has used her crown and social media platforms to change the perception of Arab women worldwide and educate the world and her community about the Arab culture and the struggles of being young and Arab in America.

Guinwa understands the pressure that young women of all races go through to feel beautiful on the inside and outside. She created ShadesOfGlam.com, where she offers insight on the business of beauty that every woman can relate to. Through her site, Guinwa is empowering women of all shades to love who they are externally but more importantly internally.

In 2016, Guinwa founded Hawiyati, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides educational resources and empowerment workshops to disenfranchised women and youth.

Guinwa Zeineddine is a phenomenal tv host and beauty activist. She is entertaining the world one Shade of Glam at a time.

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