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Coaching Dreams Studio

We are a traditional training studio with modern day charms! We offer complete pageantry consulting
  • 404 South Parliament Drive, Virginia Beach, VA, USA Suites 203/204

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What Is Coaching Dreams and what services do we offer...

Greeting and Welcome to Coaching Dreams!


Coaching Dreams Studio is not only Hampton Roads Premier Pageantry Training Center for Girls age 2-21 our method to obtain the Title is much different as well.    At Coaching Dreams the Title, the modleing  contract, the starring role  are the goals .... however building esteem, and confidence through grace and poise is how we create winners that go far beyond the crown or the call back.    


We teach both the novice and seasoned competitors  through very detailed weekly lesson plans.  Or Choose an individual session for One on One personalized training!

 Our Goal at Coaching Dreams is to create well poised young ladies that are bursting with so much self confidence that they can not help but stand out from the crowd as a "Coaching  Dreams Girl" 


We have very carefully selected in studio weekly lesson plans for each skill level.   Rather in group or personalized training, with a one hour a week session, Your Daughter will  receive extensive training in pageantry, modeling, interview, wardrobe selection, and much more! 

These same  classes are combined with Coaching Dream's signature, " Etiquette of life"  coaching that will not only compliment on stage abilities and talents but,  will guide Your Daughter's poise every single day. 

 Some students who attend our classes do not compete in pageantry, modeling, or stage, at all...they simply value the confidence and self esteem that is so carefully taught and  instilled in each of our GIRLS.  Each of our Coaches are previous Titleholders with most Of our Coaching Staff having at least one National Title!


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