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Bosom Couture Boob Glue®️

UPLIFTING WOMEN...in more ways than one!”
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  • Operating Hours: 12:00 am -12:00 am (Tuesday)
    12:00 am -12:00 am (Sunday) 12:00 am -12:00 am (Monday) 12:00 am -12:00 am (Tuesday) 12:00 am -12:00 am (Wednesday) 12:00 am -12:00 am (Thursday) 12:00 am -12:00 am (Friday) 12:00 am -12:00 am (Saturday)

Boob Glue® creator and founder Dawn Jackson™ had acquired a closet filled with fashion “hopefuls” that were just waiting (and waiting) to be worn…once she found that “perfect” bra.

“When I would go shopping i found myself concentrating not so much on the color or the style of the outfit, but rather saying to myself, I wonder how the “girls”s will look in that?”

Having a love/hate relationship with her breasts, a drawer full of designer bras and every kind of bra accessory known to wo-mankind, Dawn still found herself wishing “If only they (the “girls”) would just stay there… right where I want them (sigh)”.

That was it…..The “up-lifting” revelation where it all began.

Setting out with her best chest forward, Boob Glue® was conceived.

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