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Bill Townsend

  • P.O. Box 1919 Atlantic City, NJ 08404-1919

  • Operating Hours: Closed (Sunday)
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"BILL TOWNSEND is a life-long entrepreneur, having started over a dozen companies, including five that are publicly-held. These companies have included Lycos, sixdegrees (now LinkedIn), GeoCities (now Yahoo!), and Deja.com (now Google and eBay). He is the President and CEO of RevolutionSports, a technology and television production company, and TRICCAR Holdings, Inc., a pharmaceutical research firm. In 2000, he founded Amati Foundation which has placed over 200,000 musical violins, violas, celli and guitars into the hands of financially challenged up-and-coming performers. He is the author of Yes You Can! How to be a Success No Matter Who You Are or Where You’re From. Bill earned his BA at the College of Wooster and his MBA in global business at Baylor University."

- Miss America Organization


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