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Ash Kickin Pageant Coach

Personal Trainer
ONLINE TRAINING Specializing in sculpting a strong, fit and lean body for pageants. It is key to train in a way that you can maintain your health and fitness long after the pageant ends. My programs are tailored to each individual, body, goals and lifesty
  • 100 Cornell Place, Louisville, KY, United States

  • Operating Hours: Closed (Sunday)
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Speciality in:
- creating long, lean and feminine muscles
- converting your body from a sugar burner to a fat burner
- short, effective workouts
- healthy nutritional coaching
- loving your body so you can own the runway
- flattening and sculpting your stomach
- building muscles to create a smaller waistline and a taller figure
- live online coaching and training

I have a degree in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine as well as certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I have competed in pageants since I was 5 competing as Miss Maine Teen USA and Miss Maine USA in 2011 and placing in the Top 8. I understand that some programs can promote unhealthy, calorically restrictive and cardio heavy programs that often lead contestants to rebound after the pageant. I have created programs that allow contestants to completely transform their mind and body to become they best they've ever been and able to maintain long after the pageant.

I know what pageant coaches are looking for in a body and am able to help each contestant reach their potential. We work on building self-esteem, self-confidence and worth with healthy eating and workout habits.

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