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Top 10 Pageants in 2013

29, December 2013
As we all know that pageant world is a large one and when it comes to the different systems there are it is really hard to narrow it down to which one is the best or our favorite because they are all different in their own and unique way, sort of like pageant girls. With that being said, here are our top ten pageants for 2013. 1.     Miss Universe

miss universe Miss Universe, Gabriela Isler

The Miss Universe pageant is one of the most well known pageants ever, and a pageant that is looked forward to by many. Although it is still a pageant, this is where you will see some of the most elaborate costumes and gowns and different girls from all over the globe. Embracing diversity, Miss Universe is on the top of our list. 2.     Miss USA

miss usa Miss USA, Erin Brady

Miss USA is another pageant that is well anticipated every year. Pageant girls from across the country tune it to support their friends and in hopes to one day step foot on that stage. A great thing about the USA pageant is that while still a huge organization, it is still not beyond reach. You just have to work hard and capture the title at the state level and then so many doors will open up. 3.     Miss America

miss america Miss America, Nina Davuluri

One of the most prestigious organizations, offering thousands of dollars in scholarship money it is no doubt that the Miss America Pageant is on the top of our list as well. The girls that compete are talented, intelligent, and ready to take on anything that comes their way. 4.     Miss United States

miss united states Miss United States, Candiace Dillard

The Miss United States Organization is the fastest growing pageant in the nation providing an avenue of achievement for women and girls. At a local, state, and national level, the program promotes each titleholder's platform for service, while acting as a national partner with Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.  Titleholders further enjoy opportunities in fashion, media, and community events while giving back to their communities and being recognized as positive role models to young women across the nation. 5.     National American Miss

national american miss National American Miss Teen, Rachel Major

National American Miss is one of the largest pageants at there with more than one hundred girls per division every year. Whether it is your first pageant, or you have been competing for years, this is the pageant you have been looking for! National American Miss is an opportunity like no other. You’ll gain poise, self-confidence, and valuable communication skills. You’ll feel good about yourself and gain the competitive edge to succeed later in whatever field you may choose, from modeling to business. 6.     Miss American Coed

miss american coed Miss American Coed National Royalty

Miss American Coed Pageants encourage and reinforce the confidence and natural beauty that is within each girl. MAC offers an excellent opportunity for young women and girls to compete in a pageant where they can gain the self-confidence needed to be successful in life. Every year dozens of girls and young women arrive on pageant weekend, too unsure or shy to get on stage by themselves. By pageant time they are enjoying new found friends, new found confidence, and being in the spotlight! 7.     USA Ambassador

USA Ambassador Royalty

The U.S.A. Ambassador Pageant is a charity driven organization that promotes success through leadership, integrity, character, and confidence to its pageant contestants. The pageant was established to promote each contestant's individual strength and encouraging its queens, contestants, and families to be involved in their communities and serve as ambassadors. To date, the U.S.A. Ambassador Pageant has donated to over 20 different charity organizations across the country and continues to support the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, which serves as their National Charity Beneficiary. 8.     Miss World

miss world Miss World, Megan Young

The Miss World pageant is the oldest surviving major international beauty pageant. It was created in the United Kingdom by Eric Morley in 1951. Alongside its rivals Miss Universe and Miss Earth, this pageant is one of the most publicized pageants in the world. The winner spends a year traveling to represent the Miss World Organization and its various causes. 9.     Miss Earth

miss earth Miss Earth 2013

Miss Earth is an annual international beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness. Along with its rivals Miss Universe and Miss World contests, Miss Earth is one of the three largest beauty pageants in the world in terms of the number of national-level competitions to participate in the world finals. The reigning titleholders dedicate their year to promote specific projects and often address issues concerning the environment and other global issues through school tours, tree planting activities, street campaigns, coastal clean ups, speaking engagements, shopping mall tours, media guesting, environmental fair, storytelling programs, eco-fashion shows, and other environmental activities. 10.  Miss America’s Outstanding Teen

miss america Miss America's Outstanding Teen, Leah Sykes

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, has been organized to encourage positive achievement by helping to nurture and build the scholastic achievement, creative accomplishment, healthy living, and community involvement of our nation’s young women ages thirteen to seventeen.?  Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, encourages and rewards the talent, communication skills, community service, and academic achievement of girls. To inquire about pageant costs, contact directors, and read additional reviews visit, Pageant Planet Directory for more information.


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