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Top 10 Pageant Choreographers of 2014

27, January 2015

miss america, pageant talent Mallory Hagan competing in talent

Choreography is essential to a successful pageant-- from opening number and talent to walking routines, we rely on choreographers tremendously in the pageant world. Of course, the world of choreography is huge, and several well deserving in the profession might deserve to be on the list...but we can only pick a top 10 from your votes! So we asked, and you all answered! Here are your votes for the Top 10 Pageant Choreographers.

Meg McKinnon

  10. Meg McKinnon Meg McKinnon is a Canada-based choreographer who specializes in Glitz choreography. In her three years of coaching, Meg's girls have taken top titles in Canada, The UK, and Texas! With over 70% of Canada's pageant world on her team, Meg has earned her spot on the list for her knowledge in choreography skills.  

Typhani Janelle Russo

9. Typhani Janelle Russo A pageant girl who has earned a plethora of titles, Typhani is most recognized in the pageant world as the choreographer for the Pennsylvania USA Ambassador pageant.  Based out of Pennsylvania, she is definitely a choreographer to watch!  

Frank Arcidiacono

8. Frank Archidiacano  This Orlando-based choreographer is a singer, dancer and pageant director! He is the leader of the prestigious improv troupe, Citizens of Hollywood, as well as works at Walt Disney World in Orlando when he isn't working in the field of pageantry. He has worked in MAO, MUO and many other systems, currently producing and choreographing the World's Perfect Pageant System.  

Kent Parham with Miss Tennessee USA 2015

7. Kent Parham A Fort Worth, Texas native, Kent is an Emmy Award Winning choreographer has worked with Grammy-winning artists, as well as directs Miss Teen USA and works closely with the Miss Universe organization. He has choreographed pageants in over twelve states, and for over twelve years has choreographed Miss Oklahoma America.  

Shea Sullivan

6. Shea Sullivan A former pageant girl herself, Shea has choreographed routines for Miss America Contestants for thirteen years! She has choreographed both Miss America Org. pageants and Miss USA pageants. She has worked with Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan, MAO Teen 2008 Caitlin Brunell, as well as several other national and state winning titleholders.  

Breanne Ewing

5. Breanne Ewing With over twenty years of experience in producing and choreography, Breanne Ewing has earned her spot on the list. She currently directs nine National American Miss state pageants, and is the national choreographer for National American Miss.

Michael Hartman, pageant choreographer, Michael Hartman

  4. Michael Hartman Michael is the producer and choreographer for New Jersey's National Teenager. He has directed over 30 Broadway-style musicals aside from choreographing pageants and parades. He has produced and choreographed pageants in over 20 states and is the National Producer for America’s National Teenager based in Nashville, TN.  

Pamela Bolling

3. Pam Bolling Pam is the President of Hardrive Productions, she has worked with pageants like Miss America, Miss America's Outstanding Teen, the Miss America Parade and even choreographed dances for the NBA! Pam is known for her great personality and amazing knowledge of her industry.  

Brittney with a winning client

2. Brittney Eskew The owner of Eskew Consulting, LLC., Brittney Eskew has made her mark on the pageant world. A coach, a dancer, a choreographer, and a mentor. Many pageant girls, parents, and coaches alike send their talent clients her way due to her extensive knowledge of both the talent world and the choreography world.  

Alexis Renee Ruby

1. Alexis Renee Ruby Alexis is a dancer, actress and choreographer. She has choreographed USA National Miss, America's Majestic Miss and International Junior Miss, as well as many other productions, including working with MTV. She is based out of Atlanta, and with all of her accomplishments, it is no surprise she landed on our list!   Did we miss the mark on your favorites? Let us know!


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