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Top 10 Ms. Evening Gowns of 2016

09, February 2017
Among older contestants, there have been a few noticeable trends arising in the past year – the color white and capes, just to name a couple! While many people involved in pageantry know what is typical or expected of a Teen or Miss gown, not many know what to look for while shopping as a Ms. contestant. To help you find your perfect Ms. gown, and to show off some of the best we saw in 2016, we have created a list of the top 10 evening gowns worn by Ms. contestants in 2016!

Top 10 Ms. Evening Gowns of 2016

10. Ms. Regency International 2016, Danni De-Bear Perhaps one of the most unique gowns of the year, Danni chose to wear a gown with a full, patterned skirt. The gown also has an intricate neck area with beading that is accented even further due to her updo hairstyle. The patterned skirt is definitely eye-catching but doesn't distract from the beauty of the dress overall, or from Danni herself!

Danni-De-Bear-Ms-Regency-International Danni De-Bear, Ms. Regency International 2016. Photo: Ms. Regency international.

9. Ms. Royalty International 2016, Saryna Ritter Capes and the color white are both so popular in the pageant world right now, and Saryna's gown is one beautiful example. The form-fitting cut of her gown accents her trim figure, while the cape gives her a "wow" factor and something to play around with a little on stage. The deep neckline and beaded waist add special touches to the gown and contribute to its overall elegance. (Read: How to Win in a White Gown)

Saryna-Ritter-Ms-Royalty-International Saryna Ritter, Ms. Royalty International 2016. Photo: Dazzle Shot Images.

8. Ms. Michigan State America 2016, Jessica Mason  This gown screams "FUN" and Jessica totally works it! Its unique off-the-shoulder design paired with the tight fitting waist gives it a mature, regal look, and the full ball gown skirt gives it an element of youthfulness. The red color of the gown works very well with Jessica's light hair. This gown truly makes her glow. (Read: How to Pick the Right Red Evening Gown)

Jessica Mason Ms Michigan Jessica Mason, Ms. Michigan State America 2016. Photo: Ms. America.

7. Ms. Galaxy 2017, Rubia Bari Purple is often thought of as a color of royalty, and Rubia demonstrates this quality flawlessly in her purple gown. The color itself complements her skin tone beautifully. The beaded bodice makes the gown pop, and the mermaid shape accents her curves wonderfully.

Rubia Bari Ms Galaxy Rubia Bari, Ms. Galaxy 2017. Photo: Monsignor Photography.

6. Ms. America 2017, Oksana Vovk Again, another great example of a caped gown. Red is a power color in and out of pageantry, and Oksana's gown is an awesome example. The lace detail adds sophisticated beauty to the design, while the sash around the waist and the attached cape contribute a fun, modern twist.

Oksana Vovk Ms America Oksana Vovk, Ms. America 2017. Photo: Daniel Pham.

5. Ms. America International 2017, Tracy Rodgers What pageant girl doesn't love a little (or in this case, A LOT) of sparkle!? The beading is what makes this gown. Intricately beaded from top to bottom, there is no doubt that this dress shines like the sun on stage. The simple cut of the gown fits Tracy very well and does not distract from the detail of the beading. This is a stunner!

Tracy Rodgers Ms America International Tracy Rodgers, Ms. America International 2017. Photo: Daniel Pham.

4. World’s Perfect Woman 2016, Crystal Gail The sweetheart neckline of this gown allows for Crystal to wear her beautiful hair down without it taking away from her gown. The pale pink color of her gown goes so well with her dark locks! Additionally, the top part of the gown is heavily beaded, giving Crystal's look some shine that is sure to draw the eyes of any judge.

Crystal Gail Worlds perfect woman Crystal Gail, World's Perfect Woman 2016. Photo: World's Perfect Pageant.

 3. Ms. United States 2016, Mee-Ladie Delgado Mee-Ladie's gown has all a pageant contestant needs to make jaws drop all over the crowd. It has stunning liquid beading that shimmers from every angle. It has a long, chiffon cape that drapes beautifully behind Mee-Ladie. Lastly, the color of the gown is unique and pairs perfectly with Mee-Ladie's hair color and skin tone. It's no wonder she took home the crown! (Read: Top 10 Ms. Pageant Systems of 2016)

Mee-ladie Delgado ms united states Mee-Ladie Delgado, Ms. United States 2016. Photo: Ms. United States Facebook Page.

2. Ms. World 2016, Laura Hunter There's a saying in pageantland that "Winners wear white," and that sure seems to hold true in Laura's case! White and gold together are a classic combination, so the beading on her gown is an attractive detail. I especially like how there is detail at the bottom of the dress in addition to the top; it catches my eye and makes Laura stand out! (Read: Ms. World 2016 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?)

Laura Hunter, Ms. World 2016. Photo: Ms. World. Laura Hunter, Ms. World 2016. Photo: Ms. World.

1. Ms. International 2017, Nova Kopp When it comes to wardrobe, sometimes color is EVERYTHING. The light blue color of Nova's gown makes literally everything about it pop – the shape, the beaded detail, the fit... all we can say is "wow!" This gown looks like it was made just for Nova and we love it.

nova kopp ms international Nova Kopp, Ms. International 2017. Photo: Daniel Pham.

All of these gowns show that Ms. contestants have grace, style and elegance. Each gown on our list is stunning and unique in its own way, and we adore them all! Which gown is your favorite? Still need help finding the perfect gown for you? Read the Top 10 Pageant Stores of 2016 to find out who ranked among the best boutiques. Become a VIP Girl to receive one-on-one coaching from some of the best names in pageantry and win your next pageant.


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