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Top 10 International Pageant Systems of 2016

13, January 2017
The year of 2016 feels like the year of pageantry around the world. More systems are arising in every country, and titleholders are receiving more opportunities for charity work, appearances and job opportunities around the world. With as many great pageant systems that exist around our globe, there are some that really stand out and grab a lot of attention and love from around the world. If you want to look through our directory of pageants to see which ones you qualify for then you can click here to sort through 100s of pageants to discover, which ones are in your local area that you qualify for. If you don't see your pageant represented then tell your director that he or she can click here to submit their pageant. It's free and only takes a few minutes to set up. Now, onto the top national pageants of 2016!

Top 10 International Pageant Systems of 2016

10. Pure International Pageants

Pure International Pageant,Pure International Facebook Page Pure International Pageants. Photo: Pure International Facebook Page

"It's not just a crown, it's a calling!" Pure International Pageants is a pageants system that prides itself on building good values and confidence in all of its contestants of all ages. Their organization is founded on Christian Biblical principles, although it does not require their contestants to be of Christian faith. Their goal is to make a positive difference in every life they touch and leave everyone with positive memories. They help with public speaking skills, good interview skills, help each contestant with her own personal style and fashion, and encourage good sportsmanship. Their age range is from infant to Ms. contestants, and this system is welcoming of all.

9. World's Perfect Miss

World's Perfect Miss,best international pageant World's Perfect Miss. Photo: worldsperfectpageant.com

World's Perfect pageant's mission is to provide a setting for women around the world to compete and thrive in a competitive-based venue and environment based on being themselves, learning how to work through and express thoughts, having good stage presence, and overall beauty. (Read: The 5 Best Outfits From World's Perfect Miss Pageant 2016) They describe their pageant style as "America's Next Top Model meets a classic pageant." They don't assign walking patterns, but only suggestions so that each contestant can shine in her own way without the intimidation of a routine. They want each young woman to express herself how she feels and to be an honest representation of her own self.

8. Cinderella Pageant

Cinderella Pageant,top international pageant Cinderella Pageant. Photo: Cinderella Pageant System

The Cinderella Pageant system is now celebrating 40 years of its scholarship program and "magic." The organization was founded in 1976, and they pride themselves on promoting and working towards valuing a higher education for women. Throughout the 40 years, they have awarded millions of dollars in cash scholarships to young women around the world. (Read: 6 Tips for Cinderella Pageant Interview You Must Know) Cinderella looks for the young women who want to be leaders with beautiful character and humility. They state that they want a woman with inner beauty to represent each title of the program who has had achievements in one aspect of the performing arts and has good communication skills. Cinderella Pageants is growing bigger every year and is able to help many young women afford education around the world.

7. International Junior Miss

International Junior Miss,IJM,beauty pageant International Junior Miss titleholders. Photo: International Junior Miss Facebook Page

International Junior Miss is a pageant system that focuses around family, confidence, and spreading love and service around the world. They have created a platform that helps empower young women around the world feel confident within themselves. International Junior Miss has a love for pageantry all around the globe and wants to share how young women can come together and empower each other and be able to use their love and talents to serve others. (Read: 8 International Junior Miss Interview Tips You Must Know to Succeed)

6. Miss Galaxy

Galaxy Pageants,miss galaxy pageant,international Galaxy Pageants. Photo: Galaxy Pageants Facebook Page.

The Galaxy International Pageant system's mission is to emphasize and grow beauty, style and cultural appreciation around the world. Since their beginning in 1988, they have used their system as a personal development opportunity for women in all nations. They want to provide all women self-improvement opportunities while helping each woman to gain confidence and find her inner-self. The pageant system affords each delegate an opportunity to grow, become a role model around the nation and especially in her community, and to advance in her personal and career goals. (Read: Top 5 Miss Galaxy Fashionwear Outfits)

5. Miss Supranational

Miss Supranational 2016 Crowning,Miss Supranational pageant Miss Supranational 2016 crowning. Photo: Miss Supranational Facebook Page

Although the Miss Supranational system was born in 2009, it has become one of the largest and most prestigious pageants in the world. Starting with women from 40 countries competing in 2009, it has now doubled with over 80 women representing from each continent. Their worldwide audience now consists of more than 100 million viewers in over 120 countries. The system's motto is "Glamour, Fashion, and Natural Beauty." Miss Supranational loves holding big events with their international pageant being their biggest, most exciting, spectacular television events of the year while the titleholders vie for the crown. (Read: Top 5 Evening Gowns from the Miss Supranational 2016 Preliminary Competition)

4. Miss International

Miss International 2016,beauty pageant, Miss International 2016 crowning. Photo: Miss International Official Website

Miss International was founded in 1969 and prides itself on "friendship and good relations with all nations." The pageant, held in Japan every year, vies to have everyone have a bigger and better understanding of the world through the work of pageantry. The system wants to make light of international friendships and working around the world through charity. With over 70 Goodwill ambassadors, they continue to make friendships and gain mutual understandings with nations around our globe.


3. Miss Earth

Miss Earth 2016,miss earth pageant,beauty pageant Miss Earth 2016 Crowning. Photo: Miss Earth Facebook Page

Miss Earth is an organization that uses pageantry and the beauty pageant entertainment industry as effective tools to promote environmental awareness. Founded in 2001, Miss Earth started out with the vision of using beauty queens to promote good causes. Now, on their 16th year of business, they have been able to use the pageantry platform to help queens be good, effective advocates of worthy causes. (Read: Top 3 Miss Earth 2016 Evening Gowns) The system prides itself on promoting, getting involved in, and helping the preservation and protection of our Mother Earth. With 80-90+ candidates each year, Miss Earth helps its contestants and titleholders set a legacy of beauty and responsibility. (Read: How to Succeed at the Miss Earth Pageant)

2. Miss World

Miss World 2016,beauty pageant Miss World 2016 crowning. Photo: Miss World Official Facebook Page

The Miss World slogan is "Beauty with a Purpose," and each year as they grow they achieve their goal to serve the world and its beauty with a purpose. They use the opportunity as one of the largest pageants in the world to help people and organizations around the world. This organization raises money and spends countless hours each year using its beauty within its titleholders to help communities around the world. A big part of the competition is the interview because judges want to see the goals of each titleholder and what they truly are made of. (Read: What Pageant Questions Are Asked in Interview at Miss World?)

1. Miss Universe

Miss Universe 2015,Miss Universe Organization,universe Miss Universe 2015 crowning. Photo: Miss Universe Organization Facebook Page

The number one pick for this year's Top 10 International Pageants is Miss Universe! (Click Here to predict who is going to win Miss Universe 2016!) Founded in 1952, The Miss Universe Organization is the most well-known and one of the biggest systems to ever exist. The slogan of the Miss Universe Organization is "Confidently Beautiful." The contestants are empowered by the organization to build their confidence to achieve their personal best so that they can make a real change in the world. (Read: 28 Thoughts All Pageant Girls Had While Watching Miss Universe 2015) Empowering women is something the Miss Universe Organization takes pride in, and every year, nearly ten thousand women participate in Miss Universe pageant events. The Miss Universe Organization helps each titleholder every year focus on giving back to her community and the world that we live in. Helping others and breaking stereotypes are constant goals of the Miss Universe Organization. They are reaching millions of people and changing lives through pageantry. Well my fellow pageant lovers, there you have it! Here are the top picks of 2016 – what a crazy and exciting year for pageantry! We here at the Pageant Planet encourage you all to build your confidence, happiness, and start giving back to your community through your love for helping others. What was your favorite international pageant system of 2016? Save Save Save Save Save Save Save


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