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Pageant Questions for Princess Contestants

13, March 2018

The Princess division in pageants is fun and all about being yourself and showing your personality! We gathered some of the most popular pageant questions for princess contestants to help you prepare for your personal interview with the judges. At a young age, it can be both scary and difficult to articulate your answer and sit with a stranger and tell them about yourself. (Read: Top 10 Pageant Interview Questions For The Princess Division)

We took what we found to be the best answers from both our Instagram and Facebook for each of our pageant questions for Princess contestants!


Monday’s Pageant Question: Who is your favorite Disney princess? Why this question was asked: Every princess contestant has her own favorite princess! Judges may want to know what princess you look up to and why, as this can give them an idea of what kind of princess you will be. Our favorite answer:  Grace (@gracem_316): Mulan, because she did what everyone assumed a female couldn't do. She is a true hero because she followed her heart, showed everyone that she was capable of everything a man could do and more, and did it all on her own. The judges will love this answer. This answer shows that Grace has strength, power and that she is not afraid to chase her dreams – this is what a princess should be like!


Tuesday’s Pageant Question: What is your favorite song? (Read: Pageant Question Of The Day: Music)

Why this question was asked: This question is one of the "fluff" questions that could easily stump you if you're not prepared, but don't let it! Use this time show your personality. Our favorite answer:  Faith (faithbrackett_): Rise by Katy Perry. The lyrics are inspirational. You can’t let life bring you down because you will rise. Each individual has a different path and a different way of achieving their dreams and goals. Just always remember, I will rise. This answer took the opportunity to take a "fluff" or easy question and turn it into something personal and ended with an empowering statement. 


Wednesday’s Pageant Question: If you could have any pet, what would it be? Why this question was asked: This is a common question for the Princess division. Here you can tell the judges about your current pet or a pet that you have dreamt about. Be creative with your answer, no animals are off limits! Our favorite answer:  Jackie (@fitnfabwithww_jackie): If I could have any pet, it would be a dolphin, because they are incredibly unique. They are both a sea animal and a mammal. They are also incredibly unique and have their own way of communicating. We always say that you can never go wrong with a short and sweet answer, and this is a perfect example of one! She also thinks out of the box and chooses an animal that isn't typically a pet, which will help her answer stand out among other contestants'.


Thursday’s Pageant Question: What makes you smile? Why this question was asked: As a titleholder, part of your job is to make others smile. Because of this, judges may want to know what makes you smile, as this can show what you value, love and enjoy. Our favorite answer:  Ashton (@ash.brooke_): It makes me smile when I see others being kind, not just to me but to everyone else. It makes my heart happy to see kindness being spread throughout each of us. Ashton's answer shows a lot about the kind of person she is and what kind of titleholder she would be. Kind and compassionate are two of the qualities that judges always look for in a queen!   The pageant interview for those in the Princess division will never be too difficult because the judges ultimately want to get to know each girl without making them nervous. However, it is important to be prepared for the kind of questions you might get asked to assure that you can think about them and be prepared to answer any of the possible questions! If you are interested in competing in a Princess pageant, visit our directory to find that pageant that is right for you! How would you have answered these questions? Need more practice? Check out our previous Question of the Day articles


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