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Pageant Daily: March 8, 2021

08, March 2021

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What should I do with my hands onstage?

If you speak with your hands then you’re pretty familiar that sometimes they seem to have a mind of their own! When you’re preparing at home, make sure you practice where to place your hands onstage so that you’re not looking like a stiff board, but you’re also not looking like you’re trying to land a plane! Here are some tips to find the happy medium: 

Practice, practice, practice!

I swear the more you practice your walk before pageant weekend, the less you’ll need to worry about your hands! The more confident you are in your walk, the more your hands will naturally just stay by your side as if you were walking into the store! When you first start practicing, ask someone in your house to watch you. See if they can point out what your hands look like when you’re naturally walking. Are they stiff armed? If so, relax girl! Or maybe you’re walking like you’re in a fast walk race - if that’s the case, then slow down! 

DO NOT play with or hold your dress

Unless you’re in fun fashion, do not think that playing with your dress will keep your hands busy enough that it doesn’t look awkward. If anything this looks even worse! Sure you can flick the cape of your gown or the train of your gown at the end of the runway, but you don’t want to be hanging on to your gown the entire time you’re walking. This is a huge tell for the judges that you’re nervous. Be confident, girl! You look great! Now, let go of the dress. 

Fold your hands together in front of you or behind your back.

If you’re super worried about grabbing the microphone during onstage question, talking too much with your hands or even knocking out the emcee, lightly fold your hands together in front of you at waist level or tuck your hands behind you.

Don’t clench your hands together too tight though, otherwise it’s pretty obvious that you’re nervous or not confident in the answer you’re giving. By doing this with your hands during onstage question, it’ll also help remind you to keep your posture straight and pull your shoulders back so that you’re not hunched over!

For more tips while you’re onstage, check out this article on the 5 mistakes made during onstage question.



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Canceling cancel culture... While the world is fighting to be more inclusive of all views, beliefs, cultures and traditions, the ‘cancel culture’ movement has been said to be a way of masking the actual suppression that is going on. It’s said that this movement doesn’t actually cancel people and things out and it’s time to shift the talk from this to what’s actually happening.

While still fighting for everyone’s right to speak up and be recognized, is there a better name for the movement rather that ‘Cancel Culture?’ If so, what should it be and why?

Disney’s New Heroine... With all the talk lately of inclusivity and being more open to other cultures, Disney has made its move with its latest movie, Raya and the Last Dragon. The movie was released in theaters and premier access on March 5 is said to represent more than 670 million people around the world. 

Do you think that movies like Raya and the Last Dragon will be a great source of education about other cultures or does it create more confusion? 

If a reality TV show were based around your life, what would it be called?

I would really like to play it off of what I’ve built my social media following and blog around “Life with Swank” to remain consistent with the brand I’m working on building. I think that it’s a fun play on my last name and it really describes to viewers what to expect from the show, keeping up with a mama of three babies who’s working on building her dream career and finishing school. Life can be hectic sometimes but we always try to add a little “swank,” a personal touch to it to make it more fun and exciting! 

Answer Breakdown:

This is meant to be a fun question to get to know contestants creative and fun side. You don’t need to be serious with this - have fun with the answer and show your personality! 

Your turn. Is your answer a 10 in pageant interview? 
You have hundreds of coaches at your finger tips. Seriously, it's THAT easy.


So you've signed up for a pageant and you don't know where to start preparing... Or, maybe you haven't signed up yet but you're trying to pick a pageant to participate in. The pageant world can be overwhelming when everything is brand new. As a first timer, how do you know what to wear, how to pack or what to practice for pageant weekend? If you haven't found a pageant mentor to give you advice, we've got you covered!

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