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Miss America 2017 Post-Preliminary Top 10 Predictions

11, September 2016
As I sit on Sunday enjoying the opening day of football season, I can’t help but be fixated on the “other” Super Bowl happening tonight – Miss America. In tradition, preliminary competition wrapped up for the 52 contestants on Thursday evening. After due consideration, I have finally settled on my post-prelim Top 10 list. (Read: Miss America 2017 Top 5 Predictions) Keep in mind, I like my Miss Americas to be FTD – Fresh To Death – aka current, classy and consistent. It’s also important to keep in mind that the celebrity judges are NOT your typical pageant people, so I always try (try being the operative word) to take that into account as well. With that said, here are my personal faves to take the crown tonight! (Disclaimer, I recognize that MANY worthy contestants are not on this list. Keep in mind this is just one opinion and there are seven judges on the actual panel. Subjectivity at its finest. Also, any number of women on this list could very easily take the crown)

Miss America 2017 Post-Preliminary Top 10 Predictions

10. Miss Minnesota, Madeline Van Ert

Miss Minnesota Madeline Van Ert Miss Minnesota, Madeline Van Ert

I want to squeeze Miss Minnesota in an everlasting hug (kinda weird? Probably). She just has that genuine warm and fuzzy smile that makes you want to be her friend. She will stand out for her chic haircut and smart styling choices. 9. Miss Ohio, Alice Magoto

Miss Ohio Alice Magoto Miss Ohio, Alice Magoto

One of the youngest contestants, but don’t count her out. I was blown away from her stage presence in swimsuit, and to win a state pageant so young, I’m sure she has interview skills to boot. I was surprised that she chose such a “teen-looking” evening gown, but I don’t think that will work against her. 8. Miss Kansas, Kendall Schoenekase

Miss Kansas Kendall Schoeneskase Miss Kansas, Kendall Schoeneskase

Kansas had a very successful showing in the ancillary awards like Quality of Life, STEM and Children’s Miracle Network, so I’m sure her resume is top-notch. She is one of the most beautiful contestants (in my opinion, of course) and I think she will project well on stage. 7. Miss Oklahoma, Sarah Klein

Miss Oklahoma Sarah Klein Miss Oklahoma, Sarah Klein

You can NEVER count out the representative from Oklahoma. Her long and lean figure creates a statuesque presence that is sure to stand out. Additionally, even though we know success in the National Sweetheart Pageant doesn’t necessarily translate to the Miss America Stage, Sarah scored well in every individual category. 6. Miss Michigan, Arianna Quan

Miss Michigan Arianna Quan Miss Michigan, Arianna Quan

I feel like the celebrity judges will appreciate this contestant’s risk in evening “gown” (girlfriend wore a JUMPSUIT), and clearly as a talent preliminary winner, she will score well in the highest-scoring portion. I can’t speak to her swimsuit performance, but I trust that her composite score will get her through that first cut. I can see her scoring higher if she has a connection with the judges. 4th Runner-up – Miss South Carolina, Rachel Wyatt

South Carolina Rachel Wyatt South Carolina, Rachel Wyatt

Rachel has already made a name for herself in the system as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen. I think points alone will take this beauty to the Top 5. Word on the street is she is a major sweetheart, and if she brings a “spark” she could place much higher and even be the system's first double crown winner. 3rd Runner-up – Miss Maryland, Hannah Brewer

Miss Maryland Hannah Brewer Miss Maryland, Hannah Brewer

Could she BE any more stunning? This former Maryland Teen USA is one of the most sensational faces of the entire pageant. She would fit right in at any Hollywood event and showcase the classic glamour that Miss America was once based upon. She models like a professional (does she, maybe?) and will garner big big points in the evening gown and swimsuit categories. 2nd Runner-up – Miss Georgia, Patricia Ford

Miss Georgia Patricia Ford Miss Georgia, Patricia Ford

My highest ranking, non-preliminary award winner is Georgia, and I wouldn’t be shocked to find out if she was (barely) SECOND in her group for both awards. A phenomenal figure, solid talent, and one of my favorite red carpet-esque gowns of the pageant will take her far in points. 1st Runner-up – Miss District of Columbia, Cierra Jackson

Miss District of Columbia Cierra Jackson Miss District of Columbia, Cierra Jackson

Something about this girl is MAGNETIC. I heard she’s a former White House intern, so you know she has the resume and interview chops to boot. Her preliminary swimsuit win proves that she has the x-factor necessary to captivate an audience. Miss America 2017 – Arkansas, Savvy Shields

Miss Arkansas Savvy Shields Miss Arkansas, Savvy Shields

I always think about which of the contestants I’d like to follow for a whole year. This girl has personality in spades, and she genuinely just looks like she’s always having a great time. With her contagious smile, balanced figure and performance quality, I can see her bewitching the judges and taking it all. Her name is Savvy Shields for goodness sake. Tell me her parents didn’t have “Miss America” in mind with that moniker! Who is your favorite contestant to win the coveted Miss America crown? Do you agree with these picks?! Happy watching! Save Save Save


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