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How to Find a Beauty Pageant to Compete in

04, July 2016

As you have probably seen by browsing our Find a Pageant section, there are 1000s of different pageants systems out there for all age divisions. So the process of choosing one can be a bit daunting. To help you narrow down the decision of which pageant title you are going to compete for, here are four questions that I suggest you ask.

Binibining Pilipinas 2019 Titleholders. Photo: Binibining Pilipinas

Finding Beauty Pageants to Compete In

Why Are You Competing?

Knowing your "why" is important. When you are clear about what you want to get out of something, you are 1000 times more likely to get it. Before you invest your money into a system, think "Why do I really want to compete?"

  • Do you hope to leverage pageantry to become a famous singer?
  • Do you want to earn scholarship money?
  • Are you competing to motivate yourself to get back into shape?
  • Are you competing to promote a cause?
  • Do you want to compete to meet new people?
  • Do you want to overcome a fear?
  • Are you hoping to get general life experience or to build a resume?
  • Are you hoping to network with influencers who can help you get a better job?

There is no wrong answer for your reasoning behind competing. But, the clearer you can get on your desired outcome, the less time and money you are going to waste chasing a crown that you wouldn't want.

Is the Pageant Credible?

After you have identified what you want to get out of a pageant, you will be able to weed out some of the systems that are not going to get you closer to your goal. The next step is to do a little fact finding.

  • How professional does their website look?
  • Does their website have contact information?
  • Does their website have current photos of their reigning titleholder and information about their upcoming pageant?
  • How active are they on social media?
  • What do their reviews on Pageant Planet say?
  • How many years has the pageant been in business?
  • Do they have branded email addresses? (i.e. [email protected])
  • What the feeling you get from them when you communicate with them on the phone or via email?
  • Do they present themselves in a professional manner?

The best pageants have all of the above information and conduct themselves in a professional manner, but I can't be dogmatic and say that pageants that do not have all of these characteristics are not good pageants. That's just not true. However, use the above as your guide. This will save you money, energy and potentially a WHOLE LOT of emotional stress.

What is Your Budget?

In pageantry you will find entry fees ranging from $25 to $2,000 and higher. Now, a higher price tag does not mean a better experience nor does it mean a higher prize package, so before you get swept away by the glitz and glam, know what you can afford and then choose accordingly.

Also, be sure to factor in your gown cost, coaching, hair and makeup, travel, and all of the other miscellaneous expenses that come along with the industry. Keep in mind that all of your pageant expenses are flexible. The only true fixed cost in pageantry is the entry fee, and even those can be negotiated depending on the system. (Read: How to Budget for a Pageant)

What is the Prize Package?

Gasp. Should queens consider the prize package when selecting what system to compete for? Absolutely! When reviewing the prize packages of the different systems, judge them based on "why" you said you wanted to compete. If you want to become a famous performer or get discovered as model, then winning a new car isn't going to help you there. But, if you're competing to overcome a fear and gain some new life experiences, then winning a new car would be a great "cherry on top"! 

Again, I want to re-iterate that regardless of your age, race or location, there is a pageant system for any girl or boy who wants to compete. We are here to help you find the perfect one for you to make sure that you have the absolute best experience.

Preparing for your first pageant? Check out our guide 101 Tips for First Time Pageant Girls or get personalized coaching with our Pageant Prep Feature!


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