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2016 Summer Fashion Trends for Pageant Girls

14, May 2016

Summer Priester, Miss United States 2015,2016 summer fashion trends Summer Priester, Miss United States 2015

Sun’s out, school’s out, crowns out! This time of year is certainly a busy one for the pageant girl packed with warm weather appearances and big pageants. That’s right! Summer is upon us, friends, and your pageant wardrobe is begging for an update. We’re here to help you find your summer pageant clothing essentials from head to toe — literally.

2016 Summer Fashion Trends


summer fashion,pageant girls Check out The Pageant Planet Shop for all your pageant wardrobe essentials like this top.

Summer fashion is all about loose, light and bright! That goes for tops, especially, because nothing kills your vibe faster than… sweat stains. With that being said, if you’ve scheduled an appearance in the middle of July, you may want to also plan on a sleeveless top or at least a breezy one. Find a blouse that is fun and colorful or classic and neutral. That's just one great thing about summer — you aren't nearly as limited on colors as you are in the colder seasons. Look for fun, comfortable tops like these for your next appearance: Hollow Out Chiffon Blouse. Bottoms pageant fashion trends 2016 Summer is full of opportunities for the pageant girl from golf tournaments to festivals to, well, anything, really. Whether you choose to wear shorts, capris or a skirt all depends on the occasion. Shorts and capris are for more casual appearances (or even rehearsals) when you’ll be doing a lot more than sitting still and looking pretty, but skirts are more appropriate for speaking appearances if you choose not to wear a dress. I recommend starting your stockpile of cute shorts, dressy and casual, for appearances and rehearsals. They are so versatile in the summer. You can wear them with a tee shirt or a cute blouse. The combinations are endless. Here is a must-have pant: Houndstooth Slimming Straight-Leg Pants. Jewelry 2016 jewelry fashion trends,pageant fashion Jewelry is a way to spice up a simple outfit and complement a busy one. For example, don’t hide a pretty neckline with a chunky necklace. In fact, avoid over-dramatic necklaces and too many bracelets when wearing your crown. You can overdose on sparkles, sadly.

Minimalism, rather, is the way to go when it comes to jewelry. Take your pick of silver or gold, depending on which best suits your skin tone. (Hint: Silver is to cool tones as gold is to warm tones). Then, start with earrings. Always start with earrings! If you don’t wear any other jewelry, a classic hoop or a simple stud will go with just about anything. You can never go wrong with a pair of these:  Bling Hoops.

Again, try to keep your jewelry fairly simple so that it does not become a distraction or annoyance — especially in the interview room. Think like a minimalist. Dresses and Rompers pageant interview,pageant fashion These are my personal favorites. Dresses and rompers are nearly effortless and not to mention comfortable! They are appropriate for almost any event, whether casual or formal. Unless, of course, you’ll be working or fighting against the wind. In that case, let me direct you back to Tops and Bottoms. However, if neither of those circumstances apply, and if you just can’t decide what to wear, wear a dress like this laced dress. Or a romper. They are equally fabulous. Makeup

summer makeup,pageant makeup Photo: modwedding.com

For summer makeup, think fresh and bright! For daytime appearance looks and even interview looks, stay away from dark, wintery lip and cheek colors, and go for something coral or pink. For the eyes, wear whichever shadow best complements your eye color, but keep it blended and a less dramatic. For a formal evening or the big pageant, go BIG. Play up your eyes with liner and lashes, generously apply blush, and, by all means, wear red lipstick. Oh, red, you never let us down. (For your summer makeup essentials, check here first: Appearance & Interview Makeup.) Shoes pageant shoes,pageant fashion Open-toe shoes are ideal for fun appearances and casual outings. On days like those, reach for the wedges or cute sandals. Open-toe shoes and summer just go together. However, for more formal events, interview included, wear closed-toe shoes. If you are looking to add the illusion of longer legs or if you are searching for the perfect interview shoe, go with a nude shoe. If your outfit is more simple, choose a statement shoe! You can never have too many shoes, right? Add these to your collection:  Kiera Pageant Heels by Dyeables. Yes, I know. Balancing comfort and style is every fashionista’s struggle, but with any of these great finds, you won’t have to compromise. Casual summer fashion is a simple way to have the best of both worlds.


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